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Placement Services

Om provides the pre-screened profiles based on the specific requirements of the clients for the various industries expertise in automobile and engineering within a short time frame. The elaborate selection process ensures a high hit ratio.

Employees everywhere in the whole world are faced with the pressure to build a more productive and result-oriented team of professionals, cut cost and manage unparalleled levels of uncertainty and transformation if you are struggling to manage their and other complex issues providing hurdles in your organizational growth and objectives, Provide the OM HR Solutions an opportunity that has long experienced to worked with the diverse industry verticals and address staffing needs across management functions . We invest significant time with the client’s organizations to understand their needs before undertaking a search and selection.

OM delivers trained and skilled professional within short time frame At the client premises for fixed contract periods. This provides an excellent opportunity for the client to control their head count and ensure just in time recruitment for critical projects without the overheads associated with a full time employee.

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Om Group provides the most advanced and professional staffing solutions for permanent & temporary staffing.

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