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Om always function as the extended arm of the clients by providing best suited end to end recruitment solutions after deep study of analyzing the need ,so that the client can concentrate on their core competencies. This service is provided at the large spectrum. 
If you are looking for qualified candidates and have limited time, resources, and expertise to find them, OM Group can help. This professional, cost-effective service provides objectivity, speed, and reliability in getting the right person in the right job at the right time. If you are having a hard time with hiring the right candidate in your company or are your recruiters overwhelmed and need hiring or recruiting support staff? Does your human resources need support in these aspects?

OM Group provides a comprehensive human resources or hiring support program to support recruiters in a variety of industries and settings. Too much of a recruiter's time is spent in relatively unproductive work; such as researching resumes, early screening of candidates, posting to the database, following up on emails, etc. This service is to provide support to recruiters, so he/she can concentrate their efforts on good candidates who have been qualified and even closed to the point of the job offer. As recruiting is often more time consuming and more necessary than job orders, this will improve recruiting productivity; allowing the company more time with to improve their relationships with clients and increase business.
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